Ember in the Foul

Looted from Bico's Library, currently in Cyril's posession



This pristine leather bound tome is a historical account of the life and legacy of Salius Behrnay. Salius (Sal) was the 1st born son of a Cobbler and his wife in the ancient city of Modrena, once a modest inland city in the heart of Estor Shieliah. Sal’s father descended from a long line of Cobbler’s, proud in their craft, and was well respected. When Sal was 14 years old the city succumbed to Plague, as did much of Estor Shieliah, and he was orphaned, left to fend for himself in the slums of the city. This tome is the account of his trials as an adolescent, his fateful introduction to Corpisium Theolodica, and his ultimate rise from abject poverty to become one of the most celebrated medicants of his age.


Ember in the Foul

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