Ozman Court

2nd Level Human Psion


Str: 14
Con: 12
Dex: 16
Int: 10
Wis: 18 (primary)
Cha: 10

Attack: +5
Initiative: +3
Saves: 13/14/19 (Fort/Reflex/Will)
Vitality/Wounds: 14/8
Armor (DR): None (0)


Ozman Court, was born in the “greatest nation of the known world”, Estor Shieliah. His mother works for the current monarchy, as a logistical coordinator, overseeing import/export for Tela Tal’Fyn, (Estor Shieliah’s largest city). His father is part of the Solan Warders, a global order of Psionicist’s who establish, monitor, and oversee both overland and astral gateways linking distant lands and even worlds together. He has no siblings and has grown up in household of strong patriotism (mother) towards Estor Shieliah.

For 3 years now, Ozman has been apprenticing with SW. There are several major branches; administration, guides, gateway construction, RnD, and retrieval. Ozman has chosen to train as a bounty hunter (retrieval), which the Warders refer to as Kohlsan. As a Psionicist, he often has one of trainers/teachers mindlinking with him for the purpose of daily instruction. This also serves as a daily “check-in” for status updates on both SW and national/world events.

At this point in his apprenticeship, he has decided to serve for at least one more year in the service of the national army reserve. Doing so is a point of pride for Ozman, and he tends to look down on those who don’t share his nationalism.

Bounty hunters serve a dual purpose with SW; they track down and arrest wayward or escaped travellers, returning them to an established waygate to be deported back to their country/realm. As well, at the veteran level (10+), they are hired as bodyguards for nobility travelling to other realms.

Although still very young (19), Ozman has shown great promise and dutifully manages all aspects of his training, often to the point of eye-rolling for other members of SW. A bounty hunters expertise is focused primarily on identifying, tracking and subduing magic-using, people/beasts/aberrants.

Healing and first-aid is another area that appears to have come naturally to Ozman. He surpassed many of the other young students in this regard and was congratulated by one of the lead medicants in Tela Tal’Fyn for restoring a rock-toothed Bumblesaur to full strength in just 4 hours! (The Bumblesaur then got loose and trashed the fishmarket but regardless, it was an impressive feat of healing.)

Ozman Court

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