Cyril Amylene

Level 4 Rakasha Mageblade, Specialist - Currently 2nd Lieutenant of the ill-fated Iron Wind


Attributes / Modifier

STR 12 + 0 = 12 / 1
CON 14 + 0 = 14 / 2
Dex 12 + 2 = 14 / 2
Int 18 + 0 = 18 / 4
WIS 12 – 2 = 10 / 0
CHA 10 + 2 = 12 / 1

Hit Points

Wounds = 8
Vitality = 20 (15 + 5)


Initiative Bonus = 7 (Dex Mod + 5)
Vision: Low Light
Languages: Common, Draconic, Goblin, Abyssal, Infernal, and can read magical scrolls


Class Prime Attribute: INT
Attack Bonus = 8 (half level + Prime Mod + Sword + Class Skill)


Fort = 14 (10 + 1(half level) + 2(CON Mod) + 0(other))
Reflex = 18 (10 + 1(half level) + 4(DEX Mod) + 2(other))
Will = 14 (10 + 1(half level) + 0(WIS Mod) + 2(other))

Damage Reduction

Armor: Medium – Hide
DR = 4-6 ((armor + 0-2(shield?) + 0(other))

Base Abilities

  • Disguise Self
  • Sharp Nails

Racial Abilities

  • Noble
  • Improved Initiative (+5)
  • Lick Wounds

Deity Absolom

  • Shattering word

Mageblade Core Abilities

  • Arcane Strike – Magical +1 Attack and +2 Dmg
  • Mageblade Skills – +2 Acrobatics, Arcana, Athletics, Stealth, Warcraft
  • Shield – Swift action +2DR for 2 minutes , immune to magic missile, Cost -1 Vitality

Specialist Abilities

  • Vitality Boost – +3 Vitality

Basic Skills

  • Arcane Training – +3 Arcana +3 Literacy
  • Detect Magic – 15ft cone → learn location to within 5’ and name of 1 magical ability present (cannot locate invisible or illusions)
  • Infiltrator – +5 stealth, +5 perception
  • Spell Secret – Opportune Retort (gain a non-magical attack after 1st dmg taken in fight), cost -1 Vitality
  • Disarm (item, weapon, whatever) – must beat foe’s Reflex
  • Jump
  • True Strike
  • Vicious Strike
  • Dodge

Cyril has the following Runes etched onto the knuckles of his sword hand (right). Each symbol glows menacingly any time the associated spell is cast.

Yoorn_rune_of_Arcane_Strike.png Yuorn – Rune of Arcane Strike

Diras_rune_of_Shield.png Diraas – Rune of Shield

Sular_rune_of_Detect_Magic.png Sularr – Rune of Detect Magic

Money: Effectively 163gp (gold + gems)


Sir Cyril Amylene is a 30 year old male of Rakasha decent. His childhood friend was Shae Agbennon, who became Shae Shieliah when she married Prince Gyles – heir apparent to the aging King Wilmaer. Cyril’s father was Graysen Amylene, Lord of Rari Nantes, a rich and fertile county just west of Tela Tal Fyn, capital of Estor Shieliah. The Amylenes are an old and proud Rakasha family whose wealth is derived from numerous investments in fine wine, though they have diversified in recent years with intense and, at first, lucrative trade negotiations with Caldore. Through the ages the Amylene’s political influence at court has risen slowly and methodically. They have a keen awareness of the needs of the state at any given time and continually, patiently, position themselves to procure maximum benefit for the family. Most historians would say that without a doubt their most lofty achievement was being granted Title and lands after a significant, covert, role the family played ensuring success in the Jonivaarian campaign. The family crest is a vine from a wine tree, ripe with red fruit, and barbed with black thorns. Grayson Amylene had 2 other children, a daughter by another marriage named Vash (short for Vashella) and Cyrus. Vash is the eldest however she has always been too precocious for her own good and became the black sheep of the family. As such, Cyrus, 2nd oldest, assumed control of the Amylene estate and fortunes after the calamity in Caldore claimed their parent’s lives.

At an early age Sir Cyril was found to possess a strong affinity for magic, a penchant for combat, and no small measure of perfectionism. His father saw in his son the potential for greatness and steered him towards the esteemed Mageblade profession, where he knew Cyril could specialize and focus his intensity. Sir Cyril thrives on contest, competition, and the pursuit of knowledge, achievement, and glory. He wears medium armour and his favoured weapon is a longsword. When duelling, Cyril derives no pleasure in killing, for sadism is a loathsome emotion. However, the thrill of being the best, and winning with panache, is immeasurably gratifying. Just as with all Amylenes, Cyril follows the path of Absolom and he focuses his zeal ultimately towards good. His passions flare when faced with injustice and evil.

Sir Cyril lost his mother, father and many friends during “the event” which befell Caldore during the celebrations 3 years ago. The loss of not only his parents but his dear friend Shae has stirred in Cyril a great hunger. Not so much for revenge, but for answers and the burning desire to find the source of such a heinous act and bring the perpetrators to their knees. Cyril recently started attending a military academy to complete his mandatory service where he has advanced to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant under the command of Lieutenant Falko, Chief Officer of the Iron Wind. His service places him in an ideal position from which to tackle the mystery that befell Caldore.

Cyril Amylene

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