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  • A New Threat

    Let the adventure begin! In North Pit Garrison, training center for the Iron Wind, newly trained recruits were gathered to receive report from their mentor and trainer, Lieutenant Falko. Three promising yet untested recruits, [[:cyril-amylene | Sir …

  • Stonethroat

    Stonethroat leads the kobolds of the salt fenn on Caspiar. He's a jovial, elderly shaman who's very focused on family and very proud of the community he's built.

  • Caspiar Island

    Caspiar is a small island 3 days north east of Shieliah. It sits on one side of a fairly major trade route and it's lanternhouse is an important marker. A small platoon of green recruits is usually stationed at the outpost. There is a small cave …

  • Salt Fenn


  • kobolds

    Most kobolds are lycans. The lycan virus allows kobolds to evolve quickly and adapt more perfectly to their surroundings. The salt fenn kobolds have evolved into the perfect fishermen; a fin sprouting from their backs, skin turning to scales, fingers …