Chapter 2 - Of Kobolds and Lizard Men

With Ozman and Cyril in dire need of healing the adventurers rested for 2h. When they woke they deliberated the situation. Bereft of their boat, the Pearl Cutlass, they felt their only recourse was to continue the quest which led them here, and find some answers. This was no longer a simple scouting mission.

By early evening Ozman, Altadore, and Cyril decided to head south towards where they understood lay a Kobold settlement. They passed through trees reminiscent of home, tall robust Keora trees, resplendent in the evening sun. Soon the troupe noticed totemic carvings adorning various trees, increasing in prevalence the further south they went. Ozman opined that these were Kobold totems, shamanic carvings placed there to ward off aggressors and essentially mark the group’s passing into Kobold territory. Over time the forest gave way to dense scrub which was replaced by soggy marshland. Ozman and Altadore took the changing environment in stride. Cyril whined like a bitch. He HATES getting wet, especially his feet.

After some time Cyril and Ozman perceived… something. A noise? Something coming towards them? Altadore didn’t have a clue. For a Ranger his perception thus far leaves much to be desired. The 3 adventures entered into stealth mode and took cover. Suddenly a pair of ragged, bedraggled, half-crazed Humans burst from the brush ahead. Running at break-neck speed, with white-fear and desperation in their eyes, it was obvious they were running from something or someone. Cyril didn’t fail to notice the broken manacles on their wrists. Also, though faded and grimy, these 2 wore the same black armor as the corpse found next to Foss Binways below the watch tower. Cyril, rather fresh in his role as officer, decided to step out from cover and confront one of them. This proved to be a rather rash decision.

Battle ensued and Cyril managed to disarm one. Despite this he again took a significant affront to his Vitality before Ozman could render the foe unconscious with his Sleep spell. The foe’s partner also advanced but Cyril was once again spared certain death thanks to Altadore’s prowess with a bow. With one escapee slain and the other unconscious the team gathered around. A quick inspection of the prisoner and his deceased friend revealed both bore a cryptic and unfamiliar tattoo on their left torso.

Just as they were inspecting the bodies another sound, almost imperceptible (and certainly not heard by Altadore) was heard from the south. Looking up they noticed a middle-aged Kobold, calm in demeanor and sure in his standing, observing the group from a break in the scrub. Other Kobolds then also made their presence know, these were obviously who the prisoners were running from. The Kobold, adorned with a distinct red sash, simply nodded to the group and walked back whence he came. The group followed, with their prisoner in tow.

They soon came upon the Kobold village and were ushered into the largest hut at the center. A wizened old Kobold shaman, in guttural Common tongue, introduced himself as Stonethroat – leader of the Salt Fen Kobolds. The creature who led them here was introduced as Ironhowl, essentially captain of the guard. The adventurers shared their story with Stonethroat and had some burning questions answered. It seems that the Kobold boat that attacked the Pearl Cutlass was none other than Stonethroat’s favorite catamaran, recently stolen by a band of highly trained raiders. Stonethroat’s guards managed to capture 2 of them during the raid however the rest escaped, and his son was sadly slain in the encounter.

While the group accepts Stonethroat’s proffer of a delicious soup and locally fermented wine he further shared how the 2 prisoners came to escape. 6 Lizard men of unknown affiliation infiltrated the camp at night and brazenly set the men free. Before skulking back to their lair they were overheard advising the prisoners to head north and rendezvous with the catamaran to secure their escape. The shaman did not know the location of the rendezvous, however, he did know where the Lizard men reside. In short order a deal was agreed upon and after a much needed rest they headed further south towards a partially sunken abandoned watch tower on the coast to confront the Lizard Men and learn the location of the rendezvous. If they succeed they may yet make it home to Tela Tal’fyn.


GuyPierce Tastisamich

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