Chapter 1 - A New Threat

Let the adventure begin!

In North Pit Garrison, training center for the Iron Wind, newly trained recruits were gathered to receive report from their mentor and trainer, Lieutenant Falko. Three promising yet untested recruits, Sir Cyril Amylene, Ozman Court, and Altadore, were in attendance. They learned of an “incident” on Caspire Island, a small and minimally significant isle principally known for an ancient Watchtower still in use there. A small Sheilian garrison and fort was established there years ago to safely guide trade ships towards Tela Tal’Fyn, capital city of Estor Shieliah. The Garrison hadn’t been heard from in some time. Kobolds, commonly held to be reclusive yet harmless, are known to inhabit the island and their craft had been seen in the area. Could this be a new threat to the peace Estor Shieliah has long enjoyed?


The aspiring recruits set off on the Pearl Cutlass, a 3-masted cutter of famed repute, on a 3 day journey to the island. Shortly after arriving Ozman, Cyril, and Altadore were dispatched on a skiff to reconnoiter the island. From their skiff they witnessed the Pearl Cutlass shockingly burst into flames, sunder in two, and sink beneath the waves. In the light of the ship’s dying flames a kobold catamaran was briefly seen sailing away.

The three adventures made their way north towards the fort and garrison where they found the gate open and unbarred. Inside, carnage awaited them. 4 bodies, bloody and broken, were found surrounding the well in the center of the camp. ~12 more bodies were found similarly deceased in their bunks, some with bites taken out of them.

Upon further exploration of the fort the team found themselves in the storeroom below the Watchtower where a secret entrance was revealed. Clambering from it came a deadly Choker which the team narrowly dispatched, with both Ozman and Cyril taking grievous wounds. The secret door led to a clammy chamber in the bowels of the island directly below the garrison’s well. Here in an alcove a few more bodies were discovered, one of which distinctly unique from the others. With fine black armor unfamiliar to them it was certainly not stock used by Shieliah military. Clearly, the team had found a valuable clue to the fate of the garrison above and the loss of their ill-fated cutter. The adventures stopped to reflect on events thus far, and divvy out the loot!


GuyPierce Tastisamich

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